Editorial & Review Policy


If we receive new information after publication, we’ll update our existing story or add a new article if necessary.

When notified of potential factual errors in our articles, we will make an effort to verify them and publish a correction.

If you feel you or your company has been misrepresented or wish to expand on a story please contact the editors.

We do not publish information received from sources (named or anonymous) without attempting to confirm it with additional sources. We protect the identities of anyone who provides information to us anonymously.

When reporting on information revealed by another publication, we always provide prominent credit and link through to the original work.


Our reviews aim to equip you with enough information, analysis and context to decide whether you will find a game worthy of your time and money.


We often obtain review copies of video games – sometimes they’re advanced copies – but more often than not they’re release day copies. We do not review from pre-release “debug code”, Early Access or alpha or beta versions. In return, this affects the timeliness of our reviews, as we’ll never publish a review until we feel comfortable enough to write one.

In order to disclose how we obtained access to these games before release, each PR-provided video game review will end with the following disclosure:

A (platform) copy of this game was provided to Gamer by Nature for the purpose of this review. Click here to learn more about our Review Policy.

This disclosure is provided to better inform readers who read our reviews the nature in which we received a copy. If a review does not feature this disclosure, it is because the game was purchased by the reviewer or provided by Gamer by Nature management.


Reviews are discussed with an editor or editors before publication, but remain the professional judgement of the reviewer. Recommendations are set by the reviewer; editors may propose changes to them but these are only ever made with the reviewer’s agreement.

To further ensure that our experience matches players’, we only review games that require an internet connection after they have launched and have fully representative player populations.

Due to the introduction of “day one patches,” DLC and Season Passes, video games are no longer a “static” media. To accommodate this, Gamer by Nature editorial staff will have the ability to flag the reviews of certain games with a “In Progress” tag. If a review is marked as “In Progress,” then we’re advising caution on the part of our readers. Reviews marked this way will not be listed on Metacritic until such time as we can make an informed judgment about its launch state.


While we attempt to walk the fine line of being impartial and being biased, it is nearly impossible to write a review without forming an opinion about it. We select reviewers based on their experience with a series, game, genre or platform, but always aim to balance specialist knowledge against a wider understanding games and game design.

Our reviews have a fair description of the gameplay and any flaws as we perceive them. The overall score is useful for context, but should not be relied upon solely.


Gamer by Nature utilizes a “20-point” review scale consisting of rating games from 1-10, with half point intervals.

10 [Essential]:
A “perfect” title does not exist. These are the “must-play” titles that every gamer should experience.

9.0 – 9.5 [Fantastic]:
Masterfully executed titles with only minor caveat(s) or small concerns.

8.0 – 8.5 [Great]:
Easily recommended.

7.0 – 7.5 [Good]:
A generally satisfying game overall, especially if you’re a fan of the genre.

6.0 – 6.5 [Decent]:
The good outweighs the bad but only minimally.

5.0 – 5.5 [Mediocre]:
A functional title but overall underwhelming. It’s a hit or miss.

4.0 – 4.5 [Poor]:
Inadequate in multiple categories.

3.0 – 3.5 [Bad]:
Functions enough to be completed, but overall dreadful.

2.0 – 2.5 [Horrible]:
Excruciating and insulting example of a video game.

1.0 – 1.5: [Abysmal]:
Do not make eye contact.

We put forth an effort to acquire all major titles and as many indie titles as we can get our hands on, for all platforms and genres. However, it’s impossible to keep track of every single game released, let alone review them all.

If you would like to see a review for a game we haven’t reviewed, please send an email to info@gamerbynature.com.

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